China's logistics industry continued to expand in September.

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The Chinese Federation of Logistics and Purchasing said today. China's logistics industry continued to expand in September.

Index of potential logistics industry Which comes from business volume tracking New orders, employment, inventory turnover and tool and equipment utilization rates in China's logistics sector were 56.1 percent in September, or up 3.9 percent from the month's level. Aug.

The index moving above 50 indicates the expansion slotxo of the logistics industry. A figure below 50% indicates a contraction in the industry.

New orders sub-index Increased 4.3 in September from the previous month. Which indicates the strong demand of the business sector

At the same time, the expansion of business volumes and organizations Also supporting the business profit sub-index to grow 4.7% from August to 53.4% ​​in September.

Xinhua news agency reported that He Hui, director of China's logistics information center, said. Logistics activities in eastern, central and western China are still dynamic. While business volumes in the central and western regions continued to expand rapidly.