Expect Japan to post the same foreign-finance minister

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Kyodo news agency reported, citing sources that Yoshihide Suka, who will take over Japan's next prime minister, will hold Taro Aso as finance minister. And Mr. Toshimitsu Motegi remains the Foreign Minister. After the cabinet adjustment this week

Tsuka was elected president of the Liberal Democracy Party (LDP) yesterday after Shinzo Abe, who resigned from office for health reasons. Tsuka will attend the appointment of prime minister at an extraordinary session of parliament on Wednesday.

It is also expected that Tsuka will appoint Japan's Health Minister Katsunobukato. To take up the position of Chief Secretary-General of the Cabinet instead of himself Mr. Tsuka was in that position during the Abe government for a total of 7 years and 8 months.

As for Mrs. Saiko Hashimoto, Minister for Olympic and Paralympic Affairs of Japan. And Mr. Kazuyoshi Akaba, Minister of Land It is expected to remain in the same position. Mr. Akaba is a member of the Cometo Party. Which is a joint government party with the LDP

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