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Xinhua News Agency reports a recent study published in the journal Science Advances revealed that the researchers assessed the effectiveness of various masks in preventing the spread of COVID-19. And found that N95 mask, disposable mask And homemade cloth mask It's a better protection option. While windproof or cold gaiters (neck gaiter) were the least effective in preventing COVID-19.

Several countries have issued orders for people to wear masks in public places to curb the spread of COVID-19.

However, the global shortage of mask equipment This has resulted in many people having to opt for homemade or alternative masks. To protect oneself

Researchers from Duke University conducted experiments to examine the function of different masks. To reduce the diffusion of aerosol, mucus and saliva during normal conversation by installing a laser light in a dark box. To look at the droplets, mucus and saliva of the speaker When they talk through a hole in the box While the camera attached to the other side will simultaneously record video of the mist drifting by.

The experiment tested 14 conventional face masks and used a computer-based algorithm to count particles of aerosols, mucus and saliva from the video. Which got the following result

A windproof or cold resistant collar that is popular with outdoor runners. It had the lowest anti-aerosol efficiency in the experiment. Because talking through a collar generates more particles of aerosol, mucus and saliva than when people talk to each other without wearing a mask.

Martin Fisher, one of the authors of the study, said: The main reason may be that the textile of the collar causes large particles to break down into smaller ones. Which tend to drift easily into the air and over a longer period of time Therefore, wearing a collar may produce results that are opposed to the intended purpose of prevention.

Research further indicates that scarves, handkerchiefs and full-face wool masks offer very little protection against nebulization, while N95 masks are the best protection options. While disposable masks made from plastic material are the second best choice.

The research results also indicate that The mask is made of two layers of cotton and one layer of synthetic material. It's the third best choice. And can block most aerosols

However, researchers have suggested that The best option for individuals is to wear a disposable face mask. Or a handmade cotton mask with multiple layers

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