Russia holds local elections - test Putin's power

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Russian Federation With a population of more than 144 million people held local elections on Sept. 13, tens of millions of voters went out to drop their cards at more than 56,000 polling stations across the country, which have 11 time zones or zones. Nearly 160,000 candidates for local councils and governors are elected in many regions. This is a big test for United Russia, the ruling party that supports President Vladimir Putin.

This election The electoral committee allowed early voting on Sept. 11-12, which was the first election since Russia held a referendum on constitutional reform in July, which most people agreed. This allows Putin to hold power until 2036 and will also be an important indicator of the national parliamentary elections next year.

This election lasted a few weeks. After Mr. Alex Senavalni, leader of the opposition. Putin's antagonists Falling ill in a coma while traveling from Siberia to Moscow on Aug. 20, he was sent to Germany for treatment. And doctors at the Berlin Hospital said it had detected a Soviet-era "Novishock" neurological substance in the body. But the condition has recovered from the coma Navalni's team accused him of being poisoned by Putin's orders. But the Russian government refused.

Navalny supported a candidate opposing United Russia party in this election. By pointing out that United Russia was a "crooked and stealing party", he urged the Russians to vote strategically on the prospect of winning a United candidate. Most Russian Which in some areas This candidate was a direct part of Navalny. But in some regions Is a candidate for the Communist and Nationalist parties Navalni's team also believes that A campaign patrol to defeat United Russia causes him to be poisoned as United Russia's popular vote continues to decline. Because of the policy of pension reform Decrease in income And there is widespread corruption

Last year's local elections Many opposition party candidates were deprived of running in the election. This caused a huge protest in Moscow. The Russian government is accused of violence to wipe out protesters. More than 1,000 people were arrested, many of whom were sentenced to four years in prison, and since July this year, the Far Eastern city of Khabarov has been the center of ongoing protests. After a high-rated governor was arrested.

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