Xi wanted to give young people Hong Kong. Moved to china Hope for realization in the mother land

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Chinese leaders say they are preparing measures to convince young people in Hong Kong to move to school. Work and live more in mainland China In order to stimulate awareness of the mother land

Mr. Xi Jinping, President of China Gave a speech on the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Revealing that Chinese authorities are taking new measures to convince more young people in Hong Kong to move to mainland China.

The Chinese leader said. The measure is aimed at creating unity among teenagers in Hong Kong, Macao and in China's Guangdong province. With the hope that young people will be conscious of their mother land Through encouraging young people in Hong Kong and slotxo Macau to learn Work and live more in mainland China

The Chinese president also said that Shenzhen's growth should contribute to the development of Guangdong Province. Hong Kong and Macau Under the new guidelines of the rule of 1 country, two systems, but Mr. Si did not specify the details that What is the new way of governance in one country, two systems?

Mr. Xi's stance on Hong Kong youths has come under the brutal political situation in Hong Kong over the years. Since Hong Kong residents have gathered protest against the influence of the mainland Chinese government over Hong Kong. Until last July The mainland government enforces security laws in Hong Kong. Which protesters thought The law undermines the ruling power of one country, two systems that Hong Kong has held on since the British handed over Hong Kong Island back to China in 1997.