IMF believes global revenues surpass $ 9 trillion. I hope the COVID vaccine will speed up economic recovery.

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International Monetary Fund (IMF) Director Christalina Georgieva said the cooperation was strong in the provision of the COVID-19 vaccine. International Will accelerate the recovery of the world economy And it will provide $ 9 trillion in global revenues by 2025.

During a press conference on Thursday US time. Georgieva urged the United States and China to continue to stimulate the economy This will help restore the global economy. Along with emphasizing the need for equal slotxo distribution of vaccines to countries around the world. This includes developing countries and rich countries. To build confidence in travel, investment, trade and other activities

Mrs. Georgieva also said she was confident that in the end The US Congress and the White House will be able to reach an agreement on a new round of stimulus. Even now, it is not certain that When will such measures be enforced? With said The US $ 3 trillion stimulus measures announced earlier this year. It is important for economic recovery. And she expected The United States will continue to implement such measures.

The IMF forecasts that the global economy will shrink 4.4 percent this year, better than the June forecast of a 4.9 percent drop in the world economy, the IMF said the review raised its estimates. World this year It was driven by a better-than-expected expansion of the Chinese economy. Including economies in developed countries in the second quarter, while signs of a faster recovery in Q3 / 2020.