Thai people worry about COVID-19

Toutes vos questions sur le Covid-19 et ses conséquences
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Thai people worry about COVID-19 Come back to a new epidemic High cost of living Hope the economy will return for good.


Bangkok Poll by Bangkok University Research Center Public opinion poll on "Happy and Suffering Thai People" on October 10 as World Mental Health Day. By collecting data with 1,189 people from all regions across the country, it was found that

The happiest story Under the circumstances that it is now. Not infected slotxo with COVID-19 Accounted for 60.6 percent, followed by a more normal life No need to detain, lock-down accounted for 55.0 percent, and has compensated for many months of vacation, having more travel with family, loved ones, accounting for 20.5 percent.

As for the story with the most suffering Under the circumstances that it is now. Fear of 2nd epidemic and COVID-19 infection Representing 54.1 percent, followed by income not enough with expenses Expensive belongings Accounted for 46.3 percent and salary, income decreased, no bonus, 30.6 percent

When asked what current political, economic and social problems cause you most anxiety, found that Most of them, 53.2 percent, considered it a problem with expensive items. High cost of living Followed by 46.7 percent was a resurgence problem with COVID-19 and 43.6 percent was a political conflict.

Finally, when asked about the most desirable hopes, it was found that Most, 64.1 percent want a good economy to have money. More gold Followed by 57.6% wanted the sacred law to be applied equally. And 56.1 percent Want the country to be peaceful and safe without the theft of crime