The youngest son, Trump, is infected with Covid.

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The youngest son, Trump, is infected with Covid. But recovered after being infected without showing symptoms


US First Lady Melania Trump has revealed that President Donald Trump's youngest son, Barron Trump, has been infected with the virus. Asymptomatic, however, Barron's latest test was negative, and he was currently fully cured.
“Fortunately, he's a healthy teenager. Therefore no slotxo เติมเงิน symptoms All three of us are infected with COVID-19 at the same time, so we can look after each other. And can spend time together Now his test results are negative, ”said Ms. Melania.

The first lady of the United States also said that She is ready to return to duty. After recovering from COVID-19

"I am pleased to inform you that My COVID-19 test is negative and I hope to return to duty as soon as I am ready, ”Melania, 50, said in a statement about the COVID-19 illness.

Kyodo news agency reported that President Trump, 74, announced on Oct. 2 that he and his wife had been diagnosed with COVID-19. President Trump was admitted to hospital for three nights before leaving the hospital on Oct. 5, while Ms Melania was in hospital at the White House.