Mask to prevent COVID-19 Creating new challenges for facial recognition technology

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joker Masks provide protection against COVID-19 outbreak One of the best But at the same time wearing a mask To create a new headache problem For facial recognition technology or facial recognition technologyA recent study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) found that when people wear masks Face recognition technology has an increased error rate of 5 - 50 percent.The NIST institution that performed the experiment. Is an agency of the American government that conducts checks And prioritize the accuracy of facial recognition systems and other technologies. CNN and The Verge reported that NIST tested 89 facial recognition algorithms with over 6 million human images. Cut out a mask and paste on these portraits. Not a picture of a person wearing a real mask.The test results showed that the mask was black. It will create more mistakes than the blue mask. And the more the mask covers the area around the nose The higher the mistake, the higher.